Circuitghost - new EP made on OP-1 Field only - With the Fall

I’ve released an EP made only on the OP-1 Field, with patches from @rephazer and processing done through various Chase Bliss gear. Mixing and mastering on the TX-6. I figured it could be of interest, considering the forum’s overall theme :smile:

I never intended to release this material, or even write a complete body of work with the Field, but as the seasons turned and the collection of various recordings through my explorations with the OP-1 Field grew, there was some coherence in there which I wanted to assemble into something. This is the result.

All ambient recordings were made with the Field, and in a way, for me, that’s the most evocative part since I’ve picked up ambience here which just wouldn’t be possible a couple of years ago. Migration birds still circling our skies in October, the first snow in early November but gone the next day, a strange echo from the river that freezes and thaws in the same week.

I hope you like it, people :slight_smile: even if you don’t, I like you :heart:


EP is amazing! Nice to hear ambient on the OP-1 for a change.

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Sounds great! Op-1 Field is an Ambient machine!!!

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Thank you for saying :slight_smile: that is very kind of you.

And I appreciate you saying so @Colors yes, while any music can be made on it, it does feel like it’s tailored to this genre.

Closed my eyes while listening to the tracks. And boom. Infinite landscapes. Horizon skipping by a car’s window. Nature and concrete merged in a loop of tone-downed colors and scents.
It’s an invitation to travel in your own mind.
Loved it.

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Thank you so much for saying. It means a lot to me that you shared this experience :pray:t2::heart:

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