Circuitghost - new EP made on OP-1 Field only - With the Fall

I’ve released an EP made only on the OP-1 Field, with patches from @rephazer and processing done through various Chase Bliss gear. Mixing and mastering on the TX-6. I figured it could be of interest, considering the forum’s overall theme :smile:

I never intended to release this material, or even write a complete body of work with the Field, but as the seasons turned and the collection of various recordings through my explorations with the OP-1 Field grew, there was some coherence in there which I wanted to assemble into something. This is the result.

All ambient recordings were made with the Field, and in a way, for me, that’s the most evocative part since I’ve picked up ambience here which just wouldn’t be possible a couple of years ago. Migration birds still circling our skies in October, the first snow in early November but gone the next day, a strange echo from the river that freezes and thaws in the same week.

I hope you like it, people :slight_smile: even if you don’t, I like you :heart:


EP is amazing! Nice to hear ambient on the OP-1 for a change.

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Sounds great! Op-1 Field is an Ambient machine!!!

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Thank you for saying :slight_smile: that is very kind of you.

And I appreciate you saying so @Colors yes, while any music can be made on it, it does feel like it’s tailored to this genre.