Classic Synth Samples OP-1 Samples back for 2017!

It continues!!

Two new sets and more to come:

Moog Minimoog Model D:

Korg DW-8000:

why is not for free? :frowning:

Your sense of entitlement is amazing. Too cheap to spend $1, too lazy to resample.



still wish I could make a one time or bulk buy…

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hey @ROOD:

1)plug the headphone out of your computer into the OP-1's input
2)setup the recording threshold and play the site. it auto plays for you and starts recording.
3)press the scissor button at 6 second intervals. set the tempo right and you can just shift+arrow to the right points (I forget the tempo... >.>)
4)lift these pieces and then drop them into a Synth Sampler.

voila, free! a bit of work, but most things you want are worth working for, right? :)

hey @dimi3 I would if I could, I can’t do batch download codes or bulk buy on bandcamp as far as I know.

Here’s a few stats:

Calculated from complete plays there have been approx 554 sets downloaded.
324 of those were paid for, $324, hey that’s not bad… but bandcamp takes 10%, $291.60 and costs $10 per month -$70 = $221.6 plus the domain was name and rego was $50 = $171.60
It takes about 2hrs, to photo, record and upload each set x 50 @ rate $3.42per set or working for $1.71 per hour…ok.

If you want to resample for free that’s fine but don’t complain about it please.

*edit fixed my working rate.


how dare you make less than a waiter!

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Realistic/Moog MG-1

Roland RS-505

Korg Minikorg 700

Been a while between sets…

New sets uploaded!!

Oberheim Xpander Vol. 1 & 2

Oberheim 8 Voice

PPG Wave 2.2

PPG Wave 2.3

Yamaha CS-5

Some amazing stuff

Found more samples that I never uploaded so I’m back! Start off with the Russian Polivoks.

Roland made a copyright claim so half of the samples sets got deleted by Bandcamp.

Same sets can still be found here:

Wow, so Roland made you delete the OP-1 patches sampling Roland synths? How’s that even possible?

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No I think it’s just a bot from Rolands ip lawyers trawling the web for keywords, they send a form letter to bandcamp claiming copyright of the word Roland and bandcamp then deletes the files, the whole process seems entirely automated.

hey @dimi3 I would if I could, I can’t do batch download codes or bulk buy on bandcamp as far as I know.

DigDugDIY has a discog deal on bandcamp, <- click on any album and scroll down. No idea how it works.

But yeah, $1 for a sample pack is incredibly reasonable.

Hi there, if I buy the full discography on band camp will i get the files in Aiff format ready to load straight into my OP1?


I’m new here, and am wondering the same thing. I found the Bandcamp site, which looks great. It would be perfect if you get the AIFF files when you purchase - does anyone know for sure?