Clicks and pops on tape loop, frustrating

I just don’t understand this thing. Why would a synth have digital pops on a loop? This is just so frustrating. I spent 30mins today trying to get rid of a digital pop on my loop point, playing the same thing over and over and over. And it’s still there. How is this fun? How is this creative?

The fact that there are even threads called “Tape Loop click/pop workaround” indicates that the synth is at fault.

I know this synth is trying to recreate the tape experience, but it’s a synth. How about some 21st century synth UX?

Why is there just not a microscopic automatic fade out, fade in on the loop in-out points like in ableton?

Also there are clicks when I press the 1-2-3-4 keys on the tape. I have a global delay engaged and when I press 1 for example to solo one track, it produces a digital-click that then appears in the delay. So what’s that also…?? It’s frustrating.

I’ve had the op1 for months and every time I use it, I think “cool” for about 3 minutes and then go “o yeah, this is frustrating af…”

It’s time I just get rid of the op1 and get a deluge…