Clicks with bass sound release in drum kit sampler, and we really need a normal envelope in kit!

Huge lover of op1 and now op1f. Very tolerant of the quirks…


I’ve made some sample kits of lovely deep bass sounds (in drum kit sampler) and they’re pretty bad to use because there are so many loud clicks, especially at the end of the sample when I lift the key. I can’t fix these clicks by adding decay or zero crossings at the end of each sample elsewhere in eg Audible because I want to be able to play the samples at different lengths.

I can’t think of any solution, but keen to hear if I’m wrong!

We really need a normal envelope in kit with attack and decay!


I agree, and sent some feedback to TE a while ago about it. They were nice about it, but didn’t provide any concrete information about future stuff. Fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:

I just discovered that shift in the context of editing a drum slice brings up an attack parameter. For both of the middle knobs! All we need is for the right middle knob to be release and all is well.


Only way I have found to help with this is using Nitro to filter out the high end