I’m hearing clipping when I play around with a synth. If I switch on Unison or Spring Reverb effect, for example, in comes the horrible, harsh, clipping sound.

If I switch to tape, the level drops, as does the clipping. Switch back to synth, back comes the clipping. Where do I sent the synth level without going into tape mode?

In synth mode there is no level,its just full.
Check your mixer for any EQ levels of drive and look at mixer VU display.Maybe it’s your built in speaker distorting?

If you turn down the tape input on the channel you synth is coming through it will turn down the main volume in direct synth mode

With some op-1 synths the only way I can suppress all clipping is by playing the op-1 with external midi using lower velocity levels.

Even on headphones I can still hear clipping.

Nasty clipping?
Haven’t noticed it on mine.

Does it record onto tape while you are in synth mode,hearing it?

I think @adh82 has the right answer: if you turn down the tape input (Orange encoder on the tape screen) this should let you lower the level on the synth page.

(I’ve also found that Unison and Spring can cause clipping; FM synth is especially hot/loud)
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