Clock Input to OPZ Sequencer Question

Hi there,

I really love using my Analog Keys cv track to drive my SH101 sequencer via it’s clock input. The result is that you can step through the 101 sequencer pattern one step at a time with every trig you place on the Analog Keys.

As the OPLab adds a trig input to the OPZ could I get it to work in the same way as above, with each trig placed on the Analog Keys sequencer stepping through the sequencer pattern on the OPZ?

I’ve checked the TE website for more details on the OPLab and the following seems to suggest you can:

trigger input for OP-Z sequencer (0 to 10V). this input is used to single-step tracks in the OP-Z sequencer. to arm a track for single stepping, set the track length multiplier to 0. hold track and shift and press zero.

Could anyone give me an indication if you are able to do this as to my mind this would make it a pretty powerful tool and would push me over the edge into getting hold of an OPZ + OPlab.


To answer my own question now that I own an OPZ and OPLab - Yes I can!

What a fantastic bit of gear!

that’s nice and one of the most useful tricks on the Crave…so basically a trig on the OP-Z trigs one step forward or backward on the Crave and this can be also set to crazy tempo changes and ratcheting per step.

…let’s see if the OG oplab can drive the OP-Z sequencer the other way around