Clocking eurorack and modular synths with the OP-1

Hi all,

I bought a new OP-1 and was looking to get the OPLAB module to use to send clock signal from my OP-1 to my eurorack clocks to sync everything up but Teenage Engineering quit making it. What would be the easiest and best way to clock modular gear from the OP-1?

OP1 has a special PO sync mode that sends a clock pulse via the left channel (tip) output
it is kinda low voltage i think around ~1V so maybe not enough to trigger your modular stuff?
u also lose your stereo image

u could also look into getting a midi to CV converter kinda thing
that converts the midi clock to analog pulses
theres gotta be eurorack // modular options for something like that ???

retrokits rk-006