Close Cigars

Dude this morning upon looking for a cable to input op-1 Into Logic; I swept my coffee cup full of hot liquid over my desk, it infiltrated my typing keyboard but fortunately It has a liquid protection layer under the keys. As for my Op-1 just below my typing keyboard, I feel blessed; coffee 3mm any lower and it would have seeped into OPs divine cracks between its elegant knobs. A little coffee on the side of op and in the the holes for loop strap kit, I was quixj to Qtip out from the screw holes and I popped the back plastic with Brail on it off just to make sure no contaminants had entered the mothership; all is in tip top shape! The liquid had traveled between keyboard and OP but missed OPs crevices entirely. I felt the Op was like Alita in Alita Battle Angel during the scene while she had opened herself and presented her beating URM heart to her lover… (: sunny: pro tip of the day- avoid liquids near electronics. Op and I have bonded today.