Cluster synth engine 4 oscillators instead of 6

Hi, I’m recently bought brand new OP-1 and I notice that in Cluster synth engine I can set max 4 oscillators instead of 6 as reported in documentation.

In doc I can see 6 waveforms (orizontal colored lines) in my OP-1 I can see only 4 waveforms and obviously rotating the blue encoder I can activate oly 4 oscillators.
The manual is that I can find at teenage engineering site and my OP-1 have the last firmware 14203.
I don’t understand if it’s a bug, if it’s a specific caracteristic of last firmware or if I doing something wrong.


I ran into this same issue.
Here is TE’s response to my question on this matter (i.e., only seeing 4 waves in this mode):

Hello ,
Correct. Indeed it’s six waves but actual graphics only display four due to video performance.

Ok, thanks for the reply