CM15 with ios devices

Hello! Any CM15 users here using the mic with their ios devices?

I’m having no joy getting my iphone 14 to see the mic (using usb c to lightning cable)… works fine with my ipad (usb c to usb c), but I thought the field devices worked without needing the apple “camera kit” dongle with the iphone. Am I mistaken? Or is there a setting I’m missing somewhere on the phone?

When plugging the mic into the phone, nothing happens. No “new device” detected message etc, and the phone keeps using it’s internal mic (voice memos, garage band etc)…

Any help appreciated!

btw… the mic sounds great (when working with the ipad or just as a mic into preamps etc)!

if it works w/ your ipad but not your iphone
your problem might be that the device draws too much power than your iphone can supply
but since ipads are able to supply more juice it works fine there

if this is the case
to get working on your phone, u need to somehow supply enough power separately
like via a powered hub or the CCK with the extra power port
or maybe some kind of usb Y cable type thing?

(not sure if CM15 is battery powered?)
but like for example with the OP1
even tho it has a battery, u need to supply separate USB power
in order to get it to recognize in disk mode on the iphone
otherwise it will not
whereas on the ipad it will recognize either way

Thank you!

The CM15 is battery powered, and I believe the TX-6 works straight into an iphone without any hub/extra power required. I’m gathering the two devices would have similar battery structure, and the CM15 manual shows the mic plugged into a phone as way of using it… so I’m a little surprised that it’s not working as hoped…

i wouldn’t necessarily assume that because another “field” device does something
that all the others would as well

there seems to be lots of differences between all of them

With an iPhone you‘ll likely need the Apple USB Camera Adapter, as the CM15 is not MIFI certified. This is different for the TX-6. So a simple lightning-USB cable does not suffice here.

If you do not have one yet, best get the one for USB3 including a Lightning connector for power pass-through.

Thanks @jetztgradnet

Teenage Engineering just confirmed this via email this morning as well… will work with USB C equipped phones (like the iPhone 15, other android devices), but will need the lightning adapter otherwise…