Colored lights on tape track

If you press shift on the tape track, the LEDs below the encoders toggle between white and yellow/orange.

The behavior of the toe track changes when you do this. “Scratching” with encoders sounds quite different. It’s neat.

Does anyone know what the different LED colors mean? It’s not in the manual.

Hi Charlie, yellow lights in tape are for: fx1 send, fx2 send, pan, level

Someone post a chart one day, I don’t remember the name but I join the file, really useful


Cheers Harry!

That’s a great reference sheet.

The thing is, when the yellow lights are on in the tape track, spinning the green and blue knobs still does the scratchy tape effect, and it sounds different, too.

I wouldn’t expect this if it was also changing the FX send levels.

Yes it ads delay, reverb or other effects you have set in fx tracks (in the pattern you have turn the tape track on).
You can have some ambient sound by increasing the delay, decreasing the speed tape while holding white key, or make a long step