Combining time signatures


I can’t find a way of creating a beat that combines 3 4/4 bars and one 3/4 bar.
Let’s say I have pattern A with 16/16 steps and pattern B with 12/16 steps. When I concatenate A + B, B plays for 4 bars still (it wraps around and play the first bar again before switching to pattern A). Is it possible to achieve this at all? Am I doing something wrong?


You just need to make sure all of the tracks are in 3/4. Including the ones that aren’t voices.

I think it’s going to be trouble to mix time signatures.

I did a version of Take Five on the Pocket Operators and I had to use five 4/4 patterns to make a four-bar 5/4 sequence. Similarly you can use three 4/4 patterns to make a four-bar 3/4 sequence. You’re limited to some lowest common denominator sort of math, which is pretty limiting.

Mixing, though. Mmm. Maybe not impossible, but looping and sequencing are going to result in some long distances between loopable points.

The OP-Z will play each pattern until each track of the pattern has fully played through once. So if you have any tracks in pattern B that still have 16 steps, it’ll play for 16 steps.

If you shorten all 16 tracks (including lights etc.) to 12 steps, it should work. Did for me when I just tested it anyway.

Edit: So, what @Vip said :laughing:
@angusofstockholm That’s true for POs, but the OP-Z is fine with different time signatures.

I figured out you have to use step components!