Coming Soon! PO-XA and PO-XB

As discovered and so kindly shared by uleria on the blog thread!

Resonate 2015 Belgrade, Siberia…
Jesper Kouthoofd representing Teenage Engineering announced that two new PO’s are coming…

PO-XA – Digital “singer” – voice synth.
PO-XB – For composition.

Its PoTastic!

Yikes! Please support my Pocket Beats album so I can buy the new Pocket Operators and make a sequel lol! More PO’s, keep em’ coming!

More info here;

…the comment about possibly pushing OP-1 music to the OD-11 is also interesting.

yeah! cool.

composition means sampling.

Well spotted DJHombre

Quote …’‘Maybe songs from Op-1 could be published to all OD-11s with one press’'

JohnnyEgo ‘Composition means sampling’ You could be right mate! :slight_smile:

holy smoke!

I like this sentence: “One month per machine. Helps to avoid overwork. Often first code is the best from programmers.”

Dude makes a few romper room sounds and calls it an album…wow

dude goes on internet and express’s his opinion wow.

also holy fuck MOAR PO’S!

thanks @Siliconpsychosis for opening the thread.
llooking forward to the new POs and also a TE turntable maybe in the future :wink:

Here’s another picture I found on Twitter:

Based on that picture, it would seem they will have exactly the same HW as the other POs (except for the display, of course).

Btw, I remember some japanese singer app or device being discussed here or somewhere not that long ago, but I can’t recall witch one it was… anybody knows it?

Also, what a “composition” means here? Is that something geared towards non-sequencer style music?

^ Maybe it was the VOCALOID series… This poor thing seem the latest released using that engine:

the PO-XB has a “key-oo” button which leads me to think that it won’t be a sampler?

on another hand the PO-XA has a funct. button tho it’s a "voice synth"

maybe they just mixed it up or maybe i’m just overthinking

OMG a Stylophone MIKU now I’ve seen everything.

Eager for more info on these machines

I thought this was interesting:

“Using the same workflow as games design (long projects). Programmers from EA implemented their task system.”