Compact solution for iOS audio input?

Relative newbie here, 6+ months with the op-1 and recently got the Metal series…
Currently using the Apple Camera Connection Kit and a Behringer audio interface to send audio from my devices into the iPad or iPhone… this thing is a rat’s nest of wires though, I’m guessing there has to be a more compact solution? I’m hoping for maybe a little unit with one wire? The iRig looks interesting but I’m not sure if it’s what I need.
Thanks for any recommendations!

I have a roland go mixer, and a tascam ixj2… Both awesome in their own ways, but the roland go has a stupid thing where you can’t monitor off it, record an input into ios without recording also what is being output… (I think it’s something like that… Something stupid, but it doesn’t really affect me, cause I don’t really use it for that…)

seriously ghetto:

mono input only, and no controls whatsoever. just works.

@eesn’s solution is a good one. I have the same chip in the same sized case from a different manufacturer. Works fine, and the price is right.

Thanks for the suggestions, going to check these out!

I use Griffin iMic, it’s super small, USB port is on a wire so eiser to move around, input is stereo so you have two channels, and switch for mic level or line level input. Little more then other options but $30 on Amazon ain’t bad, and super happy with the results. Also use my older zoom h2n from time to time.

Thanks zyrixian! That sounds like the way to go, I’m hoping for stereo input. Ultimately looking for something pocketable with a Pocket operator and my iPhone - of course I guess I could also record over the iPhone mic, in a decently quiet space. That zoom has been on my radar for a while too.

Hi what Behringer have you got? I use the UCA202 and the cables aren’t so long that a rubber band can’t fix.

@ghostly606 said:
Hi what Behringer have you got? I use the UCA202 and the cables aren’t so long that a rubber band can’t fix.

Yeah that’s the one - it works well but feels like the wires are all over the place - maybe some rubber bands are in my future haha - but it also isn’t very pocketable, I’m looking for something that would fit in my pocket with a P.O. and my phone… or the OP-Z looming on the horizon…

I use line6 sonicport, because of the stereo input :slight_smile:

My compact UCA202: Imgur: The magic of the Internet :smile:
Also looking to upgrade to a more pocketable solution.

I have a Tascam iXZ and it has phantom power with neutrik input, as well as a high impedance mode for guitars and basses

it’s really nice, though you must have a TRRS extension since th included cable is way too short