Comparing the PO-12 to 2 other drum machines // Drumbrute Impact + TR-6S

Ever wonder what the turn out of a comparison between the PO-12 and 2 other drum machines would look like? Well now ya do! Dropped this one today :slightly_smiling_face:


Great review! I love the PO-12, will have a closer look at the other 2.

I’m fairly new to this, but I also really like the “Finger” sequencer on the OP-1 and the OP-z. I can create very real sounding drums with nice fills the OP-1.

Any reasons to buy a Drumbrut/TR6s if I have the OP-1 and OP-z?

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yeah, the sequencers on the OP1 are great for creating fills, variations and adding percussion to drum patterns. they really make my drum tracks come alive.

I don’t see much reason to buy a drum machine if you have on OP1 or OPZ. both machines go a good job at sampling/drum synthesis and sequencing. but every machine has it’s own sound and way of working.


It’s really a question of workflow IMO- but the TR-6S is dedicated to being a drum machine, same with the Drumbrute Impact (especially the DB impact) and that makes a difference in the beats that you come up with.

I was actually thinking about it the other day and the tr 6s is somewhat similar to the opz- but the opz obviouslly kills it in terms of synth sounds- but in terms of workflow and sequencing they have similar abilities.

The only thing is exporting with OP1- you cant isolate tracks live, where as with the DB impact/tr 6s you can. I think that makes a big difference actually.

The other thing with OP-1 is you can’t export the sequences… which lead me to the Elektron world, from which I just can’t seem to come back. :sweat_smile:

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you can very easily to export (wait, I meant record) the midi sequences as midi into other machines.

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You mean, use OP-1 sequencer to control some other gear that would record the sequence?
If so, well ok but this doesn’t mean “exporting” and it can be called “easy” in my book ^^

Plus how do you import back this sequence within the OP-1 exactly?

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I love the Elektron world!

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From the OP1?

yeah that’s one major downfall of the op1- exporting options are :poop:

ahh, yes…I misspoke when i said “export”. I meant record. edited now.
hit record for a midi track/sequencer on your digikat etc. and trigger the sequencer on the op1 at the same time.

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Excellent work… now I’m looking longingly at the Microcosm :smiley:

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It has that effect on people

Crap, it’s looking back at me.