Compatible instruments

Hey all, So I know that PO’s and the organelle work directly with OP and I’m wondering what other hardware can be used directly. No Daw ,no interface just direct “plug and play” if you will. I am new to the world of electronics and midi and the like. I’ve had my OP for about a year and I freakin love it but I’ve been craving some new sounds. Not sure what I can do outside of previously mentioned hardware and loading external patches. Help. Pls and thx

I guess that was vague(ish)just wondering what I can trigger with op keyboard and use ext. sounds through sequencers

Just about any IOS music app will work. You just need the camera connection kit to plug in. OP-Z works. there are lots of options, anything that can act as a midi host will work.

If you can get over the DAW affliction (I suffer from it as well) you can use any of the built in instruments in that DAW. Also any VST or software synth you can find will work. The OP-1 even has a built in mode for controlling ableton or reason. It can also work with any other DAW with some configuration. If you want one thing that you can plug your op-1 into and have lots of options of things to control a computer is your best option

Also check out this video -

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any instrument that takes some type of synch track will work, like the korg volcas. just sample the synch click and arrange how you want, hit play and send to volca.

should also be able to sample and send CV info for machines that take CV.

also older instruments with sequencers can be triggered by a sampled noise – like say an sh101 or jx3p.