Compilation of OP-Z Cheat Sheets

I just realized I didn’t post this compilation here, just Reddit.

So for your reference:

  • OP-Z Reference Guide by Rick Cohen: link

  • Making sense of the OP-Z guide by Tina Aspiala: link

    • Direct link to PDFs (could be outdated):
      • Page 1: Synths, parameters, buttons
      • Page 2: Step components and punch-in effects
      • Page 3: Hold-down buttons that change everything else
  • Another one (by unknown?): link

  • OP-Z Cheatsheet by Alex Olwal: link

  • OP-Z Chtsht (back panel format) by marcusande: dlink | github

    • Updated version up to firmware 1.2.12 by u/gonya707: dlink | github | post
  • OP-Z Micro-Cheat-Sheet by DerNeils: dlink | post

If you know more cheat sheets or similar, not listed here, drop it in the comments and I’ll update the list!

Caveat: Some of these cheat sheets may have outdated or simply not have complete information because of new firmware releases, etc. Always cross-reference with the official user guide when needed.


Mine is definitely outdated, but most things are still true :sweat_smile:
Didnot find the time and motivation to keep it updated after fw 1.1.17.

I myself mostly and still use it for step component references, which are still up to date, I guess.