Complete noob needs help.

OP-1 > Scarlette Solo Gen 2 > Computer.
Can you please help me figure out how to set this up? What cables do I need, etc.

There’s a deal for Focusrite Scarlette Solo with Protools and Ableton Live.

Can you please explain how I can connect the OP-1 to the Scarlette Solo and feed into Mac and/or PC to record songs.

I will be relying solely on OP-1, a mic and my imagination! I just need to figure out how to connect everything together, what cables to use to achieve this? Do they provide these cables or do I need to buy anything specifically to connect everything?

Thank you in advance!

The most simple and common way people use OP1 with DAW is record to OP 1 as stand alone, jamming ideas and samples to Tape,then connecting a usb cable and transferring the files over to your computer via disc mode on OP1 and drag and drop the aif files straight onto daw tracks to remix from there.
You can then use the OP1s midi mode to control your soft synths and computer.
You can go further by connecting a mini jack to dual mono 1/4 inch jacks and recording OP1 audio to daw tracks, even firing midi from daw to control OP1 then record audio to daw, but the simple way suggested first may be all you need… And the op-1 strength is using it portable, gathering ideas away from comp.