Configurator not working


Hey there,

is it normal that the configurator in the OP-Z app shows “nothing to configure” when all packs available in the app have been installed?

It seems weird, as I wanted to make some changes and I can’t gain access. I tried the iPhone and iPad to be sure it has nothing to do with the device I am sending to.

Or do I have to connect to a computer and manually configure?



I have access to everything in there but there is no way to “commit” a change for me, very odd. Is this a bug or am I missing something?


No it’s not normal, I had the same issue with my iPhone but it works nicely with the iPad, not sure why. Maybe try to reset your iOS devices before connecting, you should be able to configure your packs if it works.


Thanks for the feedback… I’ll try to reset the iOS devices. Let’s hope it’ll work. ??