Confused! Please help!

I’ve been saving up to buy an op-1 for about a year! now that I finally have the money I dont know if to buy it right away? or to wait til the jan.22 announcement. I’m also confused on where I should purchase the OP-1 from. The battery issues and other hardware problems ive read about makes me feel very concerned about getting it somewhere I can get an extended warranty like sam ash or guitar center.I wouldnt like to spend $850 for hardware thats going to give out on me in the next 3 to 4 years. thanks in advance!

well BH has this promotion at the moment that they’re including a free korg volca bass but Ive never ordered anything from them so maybe some other users can give you a better intake. heres the link:

If it’s a replacement to the OP-1, you might have to wait another few months for production and shipments.

Got mine from BHPhoto with a free OP-1 case a month ago. The Volca bass deal is pretty good(already have one… probably the weakest of the volca range). You can trust BH as a retailer. Had the switch problems the first couple days, but no problems since.

@IAMME If you live in the EU then definitely buy at a local store (or a reputable internet store). EU mandates 2 years warranty. I hear shitty stories that TE gives you the finger after 1 year, but in the EU it is your legal right to demand 2 years, which is easy to get if you buy local/reputable.

I bought mine at BAXSHOP, they give a year extra warranty for free, so I now have 3 years warranty on mine.
Buy your (expensive) gear to your warranty needs, stuff breaks down.

@jiggity this would be my first op-1 & how did you fix the switch on/off problem?

@Erhenius I live in the US. Florida to be exact so I think im out of luck and not sure which retailer to go for… The BH offer @Gregorioz10 mentioned seems kind of hard to let go by but not sure how reliable BH warranty is compared to Guitar center’s or sam ash after the 1 year.

@IAMME I was just messing with the switch, trying to figure out what’s going on. Probably needed to broken-in, or something like a speck of dust was in the way.

The only thing that works funny is the charge indicator. I just charge it overnight for a full charge.

@IAMME when Jiggity said "If it’s a replacement to the OP-1, you might have to wait another few months for production and shipments. " he meant the announcement coming in January from Teenage Engineering (speculation of an OP-2) rather than a replacement for an OP-1 that you already have.
Anything they do end up announcing will probably take a few months to then start shipping to buyers.

Before I bought an OP-1 (I got mine 2nd hand on eBay for about £200 cheaper than new!) I read about the battery issues too but to this day have never heard anyone complain about a dead battery. If they do start to die one day then a solution will surely popup so it’s nothing to worry about.

With regards to any other hardware or software issues then these are going to be obvious as soon as you get the device so any shop you buy from will offer a warranty so there’s no worries there.

The OP-1 is an expensive bit of kit. I’ve said before that although I love the OP-1 I don’t deem it to be worth the full retail value - like an Apple you are kind of paying for a “Brand”.
Keep your eyes peeled on eBay. People buy them all the time that haven’t done their homework and realise it isn’t what they expected it to be and sell it on eBay - that’s when you should be swooping in and grabbing one :wink:

Btw I had the on/off switch problem when I got mine 2nd hand and I put it down to dust in the switch. After lots of switching on/off the problem ended. Worked fine for over a year now.

I really don’t think that the announcement coming from TE in january will be a replacement for the OP-1 - All the clues point towards an official launch for the little drum machine they previewed this year.

In this day and age of astounding IOS apps an OP-2 would have to be something absolutely outstanding and if it was on the horizon I think there would be a lot more teaser campaigns going on than a single image with some strange symbols :wink:

I’d agree with Space, it’ll most likely be the official release of the PO-12 drum machine, very exciting, but not that exciting as an OP-2. If an OP-2 was in the works, this community would probably be the first to know along with any TE leaks or clues.

I’d buy an Op-1 as soon as you can. I also took a chance and bought one from eBay in January for $600, that included the case and all the accessories. It still works perfectly and I continue to learn new inventive music processes all the time.

There will be errors and bugs that you’ll run into just like any device, but most seem to be resolved with firmware updates and helpful tips from members in this forum. So I wouldn’t worry all too much, but to reassure yourself, getting it new with a warranty is smart idea.

If you are buying from eBay then ask questions first. I’d only buy from an original owner and not one that’s been bought and sold a few times over. Buy from someone who sounds like they’ve taken care of the thing rather than someone with more money than sense who wouldn’t have treated it with respect.

Yes, definitely check out the buyers reviews, rating, the amount they’ve sold and bought, and how long they’ve been on eBay, if you don’t know already. :slight_smile:

thank you @kites and @spacetravelmadeeasy for your input. I cant wait to get mine. ill be ordering it the second of January waiting for my direct deposit to kick in haha. I’m curious to what apps you talk about space and I will be getting it new + warranty.

well BH has this promotion at the moment that they're including a free korg volca bass but Ive never ordered anything from them so maybe some other users can give you a better intake. heres the link:

anybody else try this and have errors with every payment method? B&H doesn’t like my card, even though I’ve checked and there’s nothing wrong with the account (and it has plenty of money). I’m betting it’s because I’m making a large purchase from a foreign country so my bank doesn’t let the charge go through, but even behind a VPN into the US the transaction fails…confused.