Connect Microfreak to OP-1 Field

I want purchase an OP-1 Field to accompany my Microfreak. The Microfreak has MIDI and clock in/out, as well as USB-B, and 1/4 output. Given to OP-F has USB MIDI capabilities, how would I successfully connect them together? I want to be able to play the Microfreak and record it’s audio onto the OP-1f without sampling- I want to be able to press record, play on the Microfreak and have to record to the tape. Main reason is, the beautiful synths on the Microfreak and velocity keys. What hardware or hubs would I need to make this happen?

Thanks for your time, much appreciated!

Hey! Not sure if you asked me this in another thread or if it was someone else, but they can work really well together. But there are some points to consider. I made this little video earlier tonight showing what works:

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