Connect OP-1 to Novation Circuit

Hi all,

i’m trying to understand if (and how) it is possible to connect my OP-1 to Novation Circuit and to use the OP-1 as a midi controller keyboard for circuit.
The problem i’m facing is about “connectivity”, i mean: i should use OP1 usb to output midi to Novation Circuit MIDI IN (the Circuit has midi in / out standard connectors) and in order to do this i should use a USB to MIDI adapter… is it right? i tried with this configuration but it seems that it is not working. do u have any idea?
In general terms: is it possible to use the OP1 as a midi controller keyboard using USB port without passing through a PC / ipad and directly connecting it (through some cables) to the device (such as Novation Circuit)?

Thanks in advance


The divine truth is (not really) hidden in this topic:

In short: you’ll need a USB-MIDI adapter that acts as USB host, such as the Kenton USB-MIDI Host, iConnectivity iConnectMIDI 4+, or simply a computer and a program that can route between two USB MIDI devices.

really thanks!!!