Connect OP-Z to Behringer Crave (without OP lab)?

Hi! I’m trying to connect my OP-Z to a Behringer Crave via USB.
I just want to send midi notes to the Behringer Crave. But I can’t make it work.
I tried different tracks and different MIDI-channels. What am I doing wrong?
I have a USB C to usb type A + USB A to B. Do I have to get an OP lab?

Thanks! /Magnus

easy, connect Crave to iphone via usb (usb to lightning connector). than connect op-z to iphone via bluetooth. now your iphone is a midi host, on the iphone you can further configure in what way you want to use your midi channels.

and yes, just get op-lab, Crave looks like it made for CV inputs so its more fun.


@FunkyJunky Thanks! But are you sure the OP-Z can’t send midi direct to the Crave over usb? I thought OP-Z could be the host.

I dont have Crave, so I dont know for sure. usb c cables have to many functions these days so it can get frustrating. some cables give power to the devise and some cables take power out the device. so if you plug Crave directly into op-z, its a gamble to know for sure what it will do.
just use a method i gave you, it works for sure and at the same time you can use your op-z wirelessly :wink:

@FunkyJunky Thanks! :slight_smile:

Z is a USB MIDI HOST so u should be able to send MIDI directly over USB
i’ve done it Z to OP1 among a few other combos

Thats true, but maybe Crave asks for additional power from usb , and op-z is not powerful enough to power Crave. so you would need a usb hub with additional power supply, pretty much like iPhone usb dongle

thats a good point
but the crave is powered from a separate 12vdc power jack
so shouldn’t be an issue i wouldn’t think

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another option is if u have a class compliant usb to midi din interface u could plug that into your Z usb and then the DIN into the crave midi ports

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yeah, i would also recommend this thing

it will convert usb B synth into Bluetooth midi.
but you still need iOS or android as a midi hub to connect op-z and Crave.
this is if you care about wireless set up.

there are many good approaches to this situation, i guess it depends on user set up preferences.


I use this to connect my Opz to my Circuit OG. An usb c to usb b cable did not work, this one works fine and has usb c already. Got ist cheap on Amazon, it was about 20€

Crave to Iphone with usb and then bluetooth should also work fine, i used the midimttr app, to select Circuit as source and Opz as destination. Midimttr is a free app.

I have updated an old digital piano in the leaving room with bluetooth midi using that connector !

its like from 80’s, but now its compatible with an iphone.

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