Connect Op1 field with Ableton?

Hello:) First Question: Can i use the Op1 field as midi controler in ableton 10? And: Can I Recorde driektly from the Op 1 field into Ableton? Try to find out these Things for hours^^ Can Anybody help me ?

yes and yes

Nicceee and how can i do it :smiley:

Connect the OP1 via USB to your computer. Shift and COM on your OP1 and you can press 2 (CTRL): so like this, you can use your OP1 like a normal usb controller. Another interesting way that I normally use, is to don’t enter this shift COM mode, use the normal instrument control page, and put down the volume of the instrument(if you also record the output of your OP1 into Ableton), so like this you can also use a record all the sequencers of the OP1.

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But What do i have to do , to see the Op1 field in ableton. I downloasd a skript for the Op1 an put it in the Midi Folder like they said in the internet^^ but it does not work.