Connect to iPad

Hi group, quick question:

I’ve an Op-1 and an iPad air 2. I’d like to rout the audio signal out of the OP-1, recording it directly into Garageband where I can then do arrangement and NOT rely on the Tape function. I tried sending audio via a standard stereo cable but no matter what I tried, I just couldn’t get Garageband to hear the Op-1. If anyone has an answer, please let me know. Thanks

sending it where?

Well I had the cable plugged into the headphone/mic jack. I do have the camera connection kit but I didn’t think that the audio was routed out through the usb of the OP-1

you need a fancy three prong cable with a splitter to get the audio through the headphone jack while still able to monitor. atleast this was how it was on my old ipad 2. get a guitar interface kit or w/e its called. USB wont send audio directly.

You must use a TRRS cable and not a TRS (stereo) or a TS (similar to a guitar cable)

This is because the tablets and phones have a two channel output (stereo) and a mono input (microphone)

Thanks, I’ll remedy the oversight with cables later today.

I’d suggest to use an actual audio interface.

Hi, starting with the least expensive step, I bought the TRRS cable and so far so good with direct OP-1 audio into Garageband. This has saved my synth’s bacon as I was getting rather miffed with the Tape function when trying to progress tracks / arrange. Anyway, here’s a new problem : If I connect the OP-1 t the iPad using the camera connection kit, to use it as a Midi controller, I get a message on the Pad saying ‘Accessory Unavailable -The attached accessory uses too much power’ Do you know if this is a common problem? More importantly, is there a workaround? Thanks

turn off usb charging so the op1 isn’t drawing any power from the USB.

i think its best to turn the op1 on first then connect to your CCK.

otherwise, the op1 will still try to draw power when it is off

That’s great, I’ll try that. Thanks for the tips, people :slight_smile: