Connecting Ambika to OP-1

Hi guys,

I want to connect my Mutable Instruments Ambika to the OP-1. And also i want to send notes - via Auxy - from an ipad to the Ambika (and record the audio @ the OP-1)
Is the OPlab the thing what i’m looking for?

I already have the camera connection kit. So i can send notes from Auxy to the OP-1. Is it possible to send midi notes via the camera connection kit to the OPlab, and then send it to the OP-1 via MIDI out?

I wouldn’t bother with the Oplab if you’re working with an iPad, just get a USB midi interface and a USB hub:

iPad -> CCK -> USB hub
USB hub -> Ambika and USB hub -> OP1

Best cheap reliable MIDI interface is the MAudio Uno in my opinion, yours for about £20 on eBay.

the cheaper usb to midi cables on ebay work great aswell

^^ Mostly, yes. I have had issues with data volume, as well as not recognising sustain pedal inputs though with the really cheap ones.

Thanks guys! The MAudio Uno looks good (and cheap). Going for that one :slight_smile:

I’ve ordered another one (because of the looks):

Will let you guys know if it works.