Connecting Linnstrument 128 and OPZ

Hi all, I am currently trying to figure out how to connect my Linnstrument as a midi input device for the OPZ.
I have it working thru my ipad with a powered usb hub. Connecting both the opz and linnstrument to the hub port allows me to rout the midi back and forth on the ipad (in AUM), but i would love to avoid having the ipad between.

I have been trying to use a USB-y splitter cable with the Linnstrument on the USB-b plug, the (with apple C og A adapter) on one USB a plug, and a powerbank on the other usb A plug. The linnstrument powers up but no midi is getting through. And yes i have enabled “midi in” in the app :slight_smile:

Any experiences or bright ideas on how to make it work?

r u sure your usb splitter cable is sending data? and not just for power?
usually with those one is for power only while the other may allow data transfer.
maybe u got them flip flopped?

i always use a midi monitor program or app to suss out these types of midi issues
make things so much easier to actually see what midi is being sent and what not
or if its not being sent at all

I can confirm that it will work with just an adapter. I did shell out for a Nucleum adapter since that is the only one TE will verify, but as long as power and data is delivered I can’t see why a brand would matter. The pathway I have is OP-Z < USB-C end of Nucleum < USB-A of Nucleum with power and data to USB-B of Linnstrument < Power brick USB-C to USB-C power port on Nucleum.

For Linnstrument settings you want One Channel mode, Bend ± 2, Pitch On. I haven’t been able to determine if Loudness and Timbre are usable in any way while playing around with the MIDI settings, but slides and vibrato work perfectly and make the synths a lot more expressive.

Actually, a little more testing confirms Timbre and Loudness are usable, I just couldn’t hear them with the sounds I have tested before. Timbre On with CC1 will work, default mapped to the green encoder. Loudness On with Poly, Channel, or CC11. I have my Velocity set to Low in the Global Settings on the Linnstrument.

Thanks for your thoughts. I have been eyeing the Nucleum, but would for simplicity’s sake have preferred if my current hub with internal battery would have worked. Further testing with a faderfox controller demonstrates that my current hub does not send midt to the opz, but works with an ipad/iphone.

I might just have to pick up a nucleum and duct tape a powerbank to it… though not an elegant solution it should be a stable and fairly portable.

Is the Linnstrument a usb-host?
If not it could be the problem…

Ah, opz… Not Op-1, opz works as a host, right?