Connecting op-1 and op-z, I'm still confused!

So I watched few videos on youtube and read some posts here but I’m still confused, How can I synch the two and keep the audio separated ? I’ve got also a Kenton usb midi converter for my op-1.
I would also like to read other users experiences on this matter. How it is working with both on workflow, sounds, connectivity and other aspects.
I want to buy the op-z in the next days but as an op-1 owner I’m still not sure if is worth it, if I can connect them and all of this. Thank you guys!!


I have both devices and I wanted both combined as a standalone set with a bt speaker.

I connect them via USB C to USB A Converter and plug in the mini USB from the op 1. They both also connected via aux from Out OPZ to IN OP1.

This works perfectly but it’s still not usable for me because my op 1 is a lot louder in Synth mode than any device which uses the line in from my OP1, this is so annoying…
You can record external music first and than play the OP1 on top with different volumes but would Iike to be able to play with all devices in the same volume together. Haven’t found any solution.
Track Volume is up to the top and Line In is on +33 and the Synth is still louder…

That’s my 2 cents for this topic. :smiley: Please let me know if you have this problem too and maybe you’ll find a solution.

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use the orange knob on the tape screen to adjust the volume of synth or drum
u can also adjust the gain of the input source in shift+mic menu

u should be able to get a good balance


As I stated, Gain-Input is as high as it can be on +33 and if I put synth/drum one the tape on full level, the gain input is still way too low. If I lower the volume on the tape screen it lowers the gain too.
Even if I put any incoming device on full level, still not on the same level with the synths of the OP-1 :frowning:

Thank you so much! it’s very helpful…
But yeah that’s the main reason why I’m still deciding if buying the op-z or not.
I’ve done this mistake already with the pocket operators, syncing trough audio with the results of summing all the audio signals resulting in glued and over loaded audio, I don’t like it.
so they can’t synch trough the usb ? if I’ll connect them trough usb (C to A) the tape of the op-1 will be in synch withe op-z sequencer ? Op-z master and op-1 slave or viceversa ?

Also I would like to have your experience and opinion as you owning both,
is it worth having both ? I’m like super happy with op-1 really changed my life, is the op-z gonna add new excitements and new creative inputs as the op-1 previously ? watching some videos on youtube sometimes sounds like same bank/patches or same kind of sounds ?

Thats how I connected them^^.

They sync through usb because the op z can work with midi over usb, so you don’t need the kenton thing(which I also have) I also have the oplab built in my opz but Im new to the topic and dont get it to work properly but this seems to be my fault.

So yes, syncing works but theres also the point that if you tell the opz to be at 85 for example, sometimes the bpm on the op-1 drops to 84,9bpm, havent found a solution for this.
“Op-z master and op-1 slave or viceversa ?” Yes

I bought the op1 in the beginning of 2019 and sold it 2 weeks after cause I wasnt convinced.
After that I always had an eye on it and searched and I found the guy who bought my device, selling it after half a year and I bought it back.

Im a total noob, the OP-1 was one of my first devices.
Now I own an MPC Touch, Akai MPK 61, Roli Seaboard, TR-09, TD 3, Korg Monotron, Korg NTS-1 and the OP 1 and OP Z.

The sounds of OP-Z and OP-1 are very similar as you can load the same soundpacks etc from OP-Fun etc but the workflow is extremly different.
For me as a noob I miss quantizing on the op 1 (I would like to record directly to tape so endless sequenzer is not always an option) so its much easier to get a good sounding beat on the op z. The OP-1s Tapedeck is like a real tape, you record what your’re playing and you just have 1 filter/lfo to get it tuned afterwards, you cannot tune every of the 4 tracks on their own after recording, thats another point Im missing.

The OP-Z is a sequenzer with lots(and i mean it) of tuning possibilities even after recording.

OP 1: You have to tune your sound before recording.
OP Z: You just record first and fine tune afterwards.

If you want to be free in your recording and you know what you do, to make your sound right, the OP 1 is your choice. If you want to have a sound created while the beat is going, then choose the opz.

I would love to have both of them as a standalone set but I think Ill need a mobile interface like the roland Go Mixer:

But I would really like to use just op1 opz and a speaker to record all of it directly into the op1.

amazing thank you so much <3

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