Connecting OP-1 to External Keyboard using iConnectMIDI2+

Hey Guys,

Anyone know if this will work fine if the Keyboard is USB?


I believe it won’t iirc.
iCM4+ , original iCM or the newer mio should work.
Kenton midi USB host also.

Ah right, so i was looking at the original iCM and could only see a USB port and two midi ports. So i would need to find a usb midi keyboard that has midi?

i think u can use a usb hub, no?

Really? That would save me so much money if I could

iCM original supports 8 USB devices when hooked up through USB hub.

Ah right, so I need to get the ICM original and a USB hub to connect an OP-1 to an external Midi keyboard. Thanks guys