Connecting OP-1 to Korg SV-1 via both the Audio Input & Output.. Safe? (Picture provided!)

Hello wonderful forum.

I risk asking a silly question, but whatever =)

I want to connect my OP-1 to my Korg piano just like I show in the highly detailed diagram (attached…)

In words:

The Korg has 2 audio outputs:

  1. goes to my monitor speakers
  2. goes into the INPUT on the OP-1

Korg also has an audio INPUT…

Which I’d connect to the OUTPUT of the OP-1.

Theory being, I could record the Korg live to the OP-1, and then loop said recording… with it all going out the same speakers.

Is this OK to do? If not, what is the correct way?

I wanted to check in case having the audio going IN to the OP-1, which then goes back out to the Korg… and then goes back to the OP-1… won’t create some infinite loop of sound, and blow everything up (ho ho ho.)

Thanks in advance, and feel free to mock my silly question =)