Connecting OP-1 to Mac question/help

Hello. Long time lurker here and have hopefully a simple question for the OP-1 users. I purchased the OP-1 a couple months back and released to late that it doesn’t do audio over usb. I love this thing and want to be able to connect it and play into my DAW (Ableton Live 9 Suite).

Specifics: Late 2011 Macbook Pro '13 (Only has one line for headphones)
What I want to do: Connect Mac/ OP-1 / headphones so I can listen directly while playing/recording….would like to be able to play over monitors.

Is there a/an audio interface/sound card that can accomplish this set up that is small enough to be backpack portable?

My google-fu returned results that were more confusing than helpful.

I usually do all my audio work “in the box” and this is my first attempt at hardware….yeah I went straight for the OP-1…I dig this little thing and want to incorporate it into my production.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts/opinions/ideas/setups.

There are plenty of audio interfaces that would fit your needs. You need to consider things like what connectivity you need (e.g. number of ins and outs, USB or Firewire) and how much you want to pay. As an example, you could buy something like this: which is a good quality interface though you could pay less and get more ins and outs but not the same quality of components (the duet has really nice mic preamps). At the budget end is something like this: I’d advise deciding exactly what you’re going to use it for and then take it from there. Hope that helps.

I got a secondhand Edirol UA-1000 quite cheap, USB 2.0 10-channel 1U rack. I thought it would stink and be laggy as anything, but figured it was worth a shot as the guys in PMT recommended it (and did a deal) whilst I was in showing them the OP-1 and choosing between AIRA/Arturia toys. They were bang on, and for years I’d been digging my heels in and insisting on Firewire.

Top tip, don’t leave the OP-1 plugged into the Mac USB and charging, it seems to cause electrical noise on the OP-1 when it’s fully charged.

Thank you both for your input and suggestions.

There’s also this:
Small, backpack sized, 3 line inputs and one mic.

@freshpants Thank you will check it out!