Connecting OP-1 to Macbook Pro Retina

Hello guys, happy to see the amazing/helpful content we have in this forum.

I’ve just bought this OP-1 and I have a simple question that I haven’t find anywhere else.
I have 0 knowledge with synths and music in general, and I just want to connect my OP-1 on my Macbook Pro retina to record what I’m playing live. Exactly what I am playing, I’m not looking for MIDI controllers for now (that’s why I don’t want to buy an audio interface for now).

So I thought that I should be able to connect the audio output 3.5mm cable (just like an external microphone) using a TRRS splitter exactly as he taught in this video:

Unfortunately, it didn’t work. I’m not sure if it’s a cable problem.
But the Macbook doesn’t recognize any sound coming from my OP-1.

I bought this cheap TRRS splitter:

And for the OP-1 audio output, I’m using a regular 3.5mm cable.

Maybe the cable is broken? Unfortunately, I don’t have other equipment/microphones to test this cable.

Is there something I’m doing wrong? Sorry for this question, but as I told you before, I have 0 knowledge of these processes.


splitters are kinda hit or miss
unfortuantely theres a few different ways they can be wired
u need one that is wired apple standard
and even then the quality isn’t great
(its not bad)

tbh u’d prob be better off getting a simple usb audio interface
better quality, easier to use.
cheap and plentiful

u can also record everything to the OP1 tape
then plug in your OP1 via USB and enter DISK MODE
which allows you to drag and drop your tape sound files and use them on your computer as u wish

So you’re saying that this setup I mentioned, should be working, right?
If it’s not working, probably the cable isn’t good.

About this USB audio interface, do you have anything cheap (that works for Mac) to recommend?


tbh i dont really know
did u check that your macbook pro indeed has the TRRS splitter jack?
did u make sure all your input and output audio settings on the MBP are all good?
is your input muted?
maybe u need a program/DAW like garageband to monitor the sound
theres lots of little things that can trip u up maybe

iRig, behringer, focusrite, roland make some simple cheap interfaces if u go that route

do your research theres plenty of info out there to make a good informed decision

If you want a cheap and portable audio interface, I have used a Roland DUO in the past, and quite like it.

However, as @docshermsticks said, you can record to tape and then copy that over USB - this has the advantage you get 4 separate tracks, which will allow you to refine the mix, add effects separately, etc.

Good luck!

Thanks for your reply.
The settings are all good, I checked and rechecked it.

I’m assuming the problem is the cable because I should be seeing this screen when I connect the TRRS splitter:

But when I connect the TRRS splitter with the OP1 and a headphone connected to the TRRS splitter, the mac doesn’t recognize as an external microphone. Still showing ‘In-built microphone’ as default.
This is my screenshot:

I would try a TRRS splitter with better quality, like this one:

I guess it should work.
Any other thoughts or suggestions?