Connecting OP-Z & OP-1 with USB audio

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to make a minimal OP-Z + OP-1 setup.
Lately with the newest firmware for the op-1 allowing usb audio in and out I was thinking it could be combined nicely with the op-z for both audio and midi sync.

So far the midi syncs perfectly when they are connected like in the picture above, and I can both send and receive audio through USB when I send it to my computer.
However, when I connect both without the computer (like above) neither the op-z or op-1 seem to send audio or be recognised.

Is there a setting I’m missing to set either to explicitly send the audio out through USB?
Is it even possible?

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neither device is an AUDIO host
the Z is a MIDI host so thats why MIDI works like this.

u need an AUDIO host like a smart device or computer in order to stream audio over the USB


Thanks for the clear explanation @docshermsticks!

A flood of follow-up questions :slight_smile:

Does that mean that audio could be aggregated to a smart device like an ipad through AUM for instance With both op-z and op-1 connected through USB with a USB-c dongle?

Would audio then be sent off through USB audio through a separate adapter since the ipad doesn’t have a 3.5mm out?

Is midi syncing still conserved this way?

Thank you!

i’ve been told in a different but similar thread that smart devices do not allow multiple audio interfaces simulataneously so i think this is a no go.

always a good idea to try things for yourself.
ya never really know for certain if u dont find out for yourself

u could just plug the Z into the OP1 via the audio jacks and then use the USB audio from the OP1 or vice versa

i think the audio would be sent back thru the USB and out your Z or OP1 headphone jack if u choose to route it this way.

iOS can only connect to one USB audio interface at a a time. To use the OP-1 and OP-Z simultaneously with an iPad, the easiest way is to hook them up to a USB mixer.

Or you can use one as an audio interface, and plug the other one into that with @docshermsticks amazing mini mixer thing.

Or just use a Mac and Ableton :wink:

For me, I find the OP-1 and OP-Z shine when used alone, and then I combine the results later. That said, using the OP-Z to sequence the OP-1 is magic.

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… I do what @docshermsticks said, USB midi connection + analogue audio connection from OP-Z to OP-1. OP-Z as master seems to work well for me. I also add a Hifimediy USB isolator between the two as I experience significant hum and noise without it, not the really expensive one. Hopefully the new firmware really has made midi much more stable as the playhead jumped around before and now it doesn’t but I haven’t fully tested that yet and someone on here I see said their audio was disaligned. All the same, fun.

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Maybe this could be helpful to others:
if you want to get audio over USB from OP-Z to OP-1 via a Raspberry PI, try running the following command:

arecord --buffer-time=20 -D hw:OPZ -f S24_3LE -c 2 -r 44100 - | aplay --buffer-time=20 -D hw:OP1 -f S24_3LE -c 2 -r 44100

But beware, there may still be occasional crackles and some noticeable latency. Buffer-time of 20 seemed to be the best trade-off for me.