Connecting to Elektron A4

Have asked this over on Elektronauts but thought I’d try here too…

I’ve seen videos of folk linking their OPZ directly in to a Digitakt/Digitone but I can’t seem to get it working on the A4. Positive the A4 is set up correctly but I’m aware that this is a slightly older device and, I believe, has an older USB port on it. So… can anyone confirm if a direct link should make syncing possible? Or do I need to think of an alternative to get these working (Oplab module for example)?

Trying to stay away form routing through a DAW for now but may be something to consider.

The USB on the A4 in not Class compliant, so indeed you need something like the Oplab.

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Cheers - as I suspected. May need to consider a cheeky Oplab purchase at some point…

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I’ve been able to sync my A4 (mki) and OP-Z with a standard USB A-to-B cable and Apple USB C-to-A adapter. Note that you’ll also need to go into Global => System => USB Config on the Analog Four and make sure that Overbridge Mode is disabled. From here, you can play with note receive MIDI settings on the A4 to have the OP-Z sequence the A4, or run them as two independent sequencers, etc.

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Ah ha! Never thought of turning off OB mode. Looks to be syncing fine now - many thanks.

Still, it’d be nice to have OB… For now though, at least I can start jamming together and hopefully rope in my OT too.

Of course, you are right… I was thinking about my Octatrack, that has no class compliant USB interface.

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works with all class compliant USB midi gear.