Connecting to OP-Z Android app via Bluetooth

I get that this has been discussed many times before, but I’m having a serious issue connecting my Android phone to the OP-Z via Bluetooth. The OP-Z app is updated to the latest version, and the OP-Z has the latest firmware. The app has location permissions “while using the app” (which is the best you can do on Android I believe). On my last Android phone, it was able to connect just fine. I am not “connecting” to it via BT, I know that’s not what you’re supposed to do. I click the BT button in the back (yes, I made sure it is aligned with the correct side of the OP-Z) - click it, hold it, try any number of timed tricks while the app is open and waiting to connect - and nothing happens. I’ve force closed the app and restarted it, makes no difference. I am beyond frustrated… does anyone have any ideas?

Just to rule out a couple things, can you describe what the light on the back does? Is it blinking blue the whole time, or does it ever turn green? And if it turns green, does it blink red?

Assuming it’s not connecting and immediately disconnecting or something like that, you could try using a BLE MIDI app. I was able to download MIDI BLE Connect (free app in the Play Store; not affiliated with them), connect to the OP-Z, and the app recognized it immediately on my Android phone.

Good luck!

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The light blinks blue the whole time until it stops blinking. I have never seen it turn green. Once I think I held the BT button down until the light turned red (which I assume was some sort of BT reset?) but nothing came of that either.

I went ahead and downloaded the MIDI BLE Connect app and it immediately recognized the OP-Z. So what could possibly be the issue here?

I am running the latest version of Android, the OP-Z Android app, and OP-Z firmware.

After you connect your phone to the OP-Z via the MIDI BLE app, does the OP-Z app recognize the OP-Z as connected? I’m able to get that working on my phone and was hoping it would work for you as well.

I realize that’s just a workaround and adds an extra step, but unfortunately I’m out of suggestions if that doesn’t end up working, sorry. :-\

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After I connect my phone to the OP-Z via the MIDI BLE app, the OP-Z app still does not recognize the OP-Z as connected, unfortunately.

I’ve even tried turning my VPN off, in case that was messing with the connection. Nada.

I really appreciate your suggestions, thanks anyway. This is so frustrating.

Well, just downloaded the OP-Z Android app update this evening and it fixed all issues. Phone is connecting marvelously once again. Good on TE devs for issuing that fix!