Connection OP-Z to OP-1 fails unless connected via powered USB hub

Dear Fellow-Operators,

I struggle connecting OP-Z and OP-1 using a simple USB-C to USB Mini cable. After plugging in the cable in sync mode the OP-1 briefly displays “EXT” for a few seconds, then “EXT” vanishes and no synchronization or midi exchange is happening between the two.

Without luck I tried all combinations of: order of plugging in; sync/master modes; selection of midi channels; midi in/out; clock in/out; de/activating charging on both devices; six different data&charge USB cables. - No connection or communication after the initial brief “EXT” display at all.

However, if I use a powered USB hub with the OP-Z as host in most cases the connection comes up and remains stable, “EXT” is continuously displayed on OP-1 in sync mode and both devices sync and exchange midi signals.

I tried two different OP-Z with the same results. OP-1 (#237) and OP-Z (1.2.14) both on latest firmware. Diagnostics on either device does not show any malfunction. Batteries on both devices don’t show abnormal dis/charging behaviour. Teenage Engineering wants the OP-1 sent in for diagnosis, but I am reluctant since that might take a long time, incur significant costs and there is no guarantee for success.

Any idea what might be the cause of the problem? Anybody experiencing the same?

I really would appreciate any help in solving this issue since the need of a powered USB hub sort of negates the portability of this great combination of instruments (or need to always carry a mobile power source in addition).

try the USB-charge-disabled function on the OP-1?

It’s somewhere in the shift+album options, green knob on the USB screen I think?

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Turn the OP-Z on last, after connecting the cable and switching on the OP-1. This works every time for me.

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Thanks for your suggestions! Will try that power on procedure tonight.

I did experiment with the USB-charge-disabled function on the OP-1 (and on the OP-Z), that didn’t help.

What was the outcome of this? I’ve not had success with MIDI syncing the OP-1 <> OP-Z, tried a couple of dongles but no success.

Has anyone found a cable that works without the need for an adapter? e.g this one? UGREEN USB C to Mini USB Cable High Speed USB 2.0 Type C to Mini USB 5 Pin Adapter 480Mbps Data Sync Charger Lead Compatible with Thunderbolt 3 MacBook Air iPad Pro,Lenovo Yoga,HP,Dell XPS,Camera(1M)

I find this setup is very fussy about cables. I have a couple of short USB-C to mini USB cables that just don’t work, and a long one that always works perfectly. I can’t remember where the good one came from though. :frowning:

Keep trying. Once it works, it should work great.

Thanks mate. Do you have any pics of the cable that works for interest?!

I’ve found an adapter that works! :blush:

nonda USB Type C to USB 3.0 Adapter, Thunderbolt 3 to USB Adapter Aluminum with Indicator LED for MacBook Pro 2019/2018, MacBook Air 2018, Pixel 3, Dell XPS and More Type-C Devices (Space Gray)

And also this 3m mini usb to usb-c cable, which saves adapters :blush:

C2G 3m USB 2.0 USB-C to USB-Mini…