connections and keys.

Hi everyone, it’s my very first post here, I’m so excited to have found a community of people sharing the same love for that little piece of metal !!

i acquired my op-1 in April, and I keep discovering new things everyday that I wouldn’t even have thought about, but there is a thing that always sadden me with that wonderful instrument : the keyboard. I would love to use its polyphony on a 49-61 keyboard, and have semi-weighted keys !
For that I found the M-audio oxygen49 to be perfect ( plain enough to be customized and painted in every possible color ). Aside the fact that i’ll play the op-1 with the m-audio, will it be possible to use the m-audio knobs like if they were those of the op-1 ? I tell to a particular m-audio knob to act like the orange Op-1 knob for example !?
It’s such a big of a deal, but I just wondered!
And i heard that I had to buy another piece of equipment so as to plug op-1 to the midi controller, but is there a less expensive alternative than the Kenton USB ?
Thanks for reading ! I hope my english was clear enough for you to understand and to answer :slight_smile:

the OP-1’s MIDI spec is not complete enough to enable control of its parameters via a MIDI controller, with the exception of using the MIDI LFO for CCs 1-4.

^this depresses me to no ends. I have written to TE about this numerous times.

But it’s stil possible to use it with bigger keys ? isn’t it ?

yes, @ciow, you can trigger MIDI notes with a keyboard once you get them talking to each other. Using my Oplab I’ve played my OP-1 with my EWI 4000S.

Ciow do you have an Iphone or ipad? If so, you can do this:

@Kites this is absolutely awesome, i wouldn’t have thought about that at all…, thanks !! @KrisM , I guess it’s an original experience to use it with the EWI 4000S ! Still, the OPlab is a bit too expensive to me, so last question and then I’ll stop with my begginer questions : Is The Kenton USB host is enough for what i want to do with my op-1 ?

I would just look for the original iConnectmidi1, it’s cheaper, but it may be difficult to find since it’s discontinued. Some members will put there’s up for sale every once in a while.

To clarify with anyone else; the iconnectmidi2 needs a computer or tablet in order to work right? It doesn’t work as a standalone interface? Also, we couldn’t just use a micro USB adapter to a USB A to Midi converter cable could we? The OP-1 can’t power it right? The Midi gods wouldn’t allow it right?

^it is a standalone unit. should work fine without an ipad/comp. Those are just used for editing the ins/outs of ports.

should work for only the keys outta the box.

It looks good ! So to clarify things in my mind, I need to connect my Op-1 to the USB port in front of the iMidi, and then use a midi-usb cable to connect to my keyboard controller ? I’m sorry but I don’t have a lot of money to spend and I want to it to be efficiently used, cables included

I’ve seen the iConnectMIDI2+ for cheaper than the Amazon prices. eBay would be a good source to score one around $50. But to answer your question, the OP-1 would connect in the front of the icm interface and then your midi keyboard would connect on the back to the 5 pin midi ports.Do you have 5 pin midi ports on your keyboard?

You also might need a mini USB cable to B USB cable, or maybe this adapter would work for the OP-1

I’m thinking about getting a beatstep, you could do this with it.