Constant midi clock out usb

I am still pretty new on the op-1 so i was wondering if someone could possibly help me out… I read in the manual that the op-1 is always sending midi clock out of the usb port, so you can sync external gear configured to receive midi clock to the internal sequencers in the op-1. I am trying to sync up a new korg electribe. in the electribe midi menu i set in to receive external sync from the usb port and connected to the op-1 via usb. But it will not seem to sync… If anyone could shed any light on this issue it would be much appreciated!

yeah, clock and sync are different things. in fact, midi is slightly botched in that regard, and everyone has implemented this differently. the OP1 does send midi realtime clock always. it does send song position when you press play, it’s not always accurate song position though. it does send start and stop. the electribe will listen for something documented in its manual. find it. also see this.if you’re on the mac, MIDI monitor will show you what’s coming out of the OP1 and allow you to filter for clarity. not sure about Windows.

i think the issue is that you’re plugging in the usb op1 > electribe ? which does not work w/o a usb host in between.

Thank you, for the quick response.

i think the issue is that you’re plugging in the usb op1 > electribe ? which does not work w/o a usb host in between.

Do you have any recommendations on how to get that done? Not exactly sure how usb host works.


There’s a very long and confusing thread on that subject on this board. The shortest answer is: buy a Kenton Midi USB host box. It’s not cheap ($140 or so) but it’s a reliable and simple solution.

Or use your laptop as a USB host.

On Windows you can use MIDI-OX or Bidule to route the MIDI Clock, if you are using your laptop as USB host only

Thank you for all the responses, I have midi ox and tried that, but could not get it working. I will look further into midi ox. I will also take a look into kenton midi USB host. Thanks all.

Are you trying to stop start sequencers together with one command from a single device ,ie pressing play on tribe to start OP-1.
It may be easier to just keep an eye out for empo control of either device from the other . That should work quite simply - if you see tempo changing to match other machine you know you have a connection . Then its a case of hitting OP-1 seq’s in time with tribe ,via keyboard (or other way round via Tribe play button ).

Thank you everybody for all the help… I got it working with midi Ox. But I would like to be able to be mobile without my pc. I will have to check out the midi usb host box.

Thanks again.

I have the OP-1 usb out going into the “kenton usb host”,

Then midi out of the “kenton usb host” going to midi in on the korg volca beats.

When i play the OP-1 it starts the volca, half way thru the sequence( on the step 8). I have tried changing tempo modes(beat match ect.) But no luck.

Can anyone tell me why this is happening or if it has happened to you,

Thanks everybody for all the help…

what firmware os? 225 should have this fixed. (took some chasing TE…)

Thank you SO much!!!

I had no idea TE released that version, I was still on 218.

Thanks again for the help on this issue as well as previous problems.