Contact Mics

Howdy all,

I’ve been building some contact mics (standard piezo disks, piezo film), and I’m looking for advice/experience! I’ve been leaving my disks naked, but I’m ready for something a little more permanent. I’ve seen that plasti-dip and bottle caps are a favorite among tinkerers, but i’ve read that plasti dip tends to dampen vibration, and I’m looking for something a touch more robust than caps.

I’m curious if anyone has developed something curved or flexible that can transduce well both sending or receiving? There are so many round objects that need to be vibrated! The piezo film is desirably flexible, but it seems to respond to much than the disk.

I’m also building a little <1 watt pre-amp from a schematic I found online and some bits I had around, and Im curious if anyone has any experience to share about amping little signals into the OP-1


I did some more tinkering and found that hot glue does a good job of protecting the solder & making the disks waterproof. Using elastic found at the fabric store has been really useful for fastening the mics to objects, regardless of shape.