Content Mode & Upgrade Mode broken?

Hi community (and hopefully te)

Have you tried loading samples in 1.2.17? In content mode, I load in a 12 second (3.2MB AIFF file), eject my OP-Z image. The sequence leds go from green to blue but after that 1 white light remains and then it cycles into upgrade mode. When I eject the OP-Z again out of this zombie-like mode it remains responsesless, until I have to turn it off. Surely something wrong in the file management system after they updated it in this patch.

Also I can’t select input signals so in the meantime I cannot sample. Great stuff.


[Edit: might have faulty unit, but it seems to be firmware related. Same thing happens in the update before it. Upgrade mode does not eject properly when no upgrade is given. Also the unit keeps “injecting” itself after ejecting in upgrade mode. I’ve already factory resetted it.]