Control of OP-1 synthesis engine parameters with MIDI CC

Can I control OP-1 synthesis engine parameters with MIDI CC? I would like to use an external sequencer or midi looper to store the melody, then change the parameters with the OP-1 knobs and save them to the sequencer.

Is it possible?

u can control any 4 params w/ the MIDI LFO
CC # 1 - 4

I thought so too, I haven’t used MIDI on the OP-1 in a long time. It turns out that my USB MIDI Host stopped working after updating to firmware 243. I went back to firmware 242 and it started working.

The OP-1 at least receives MIDI CC messages. But is it possible to send MIDI CC messages using the OP-1 encoders so that an external sequencer can write them? I try in different ways and somehow I fail.

na i dont think it works exactly like that
the encoders i believe do send CC’s
but it only will receive CC’s when the MIDI LFO is engaged

i guess maybe u could setup the MIDI LFO to match the 4 encoders params on the synth
turn your knobs and record them to your ext seq.
then when u played it back from the ext seq it would automate the params
as long as the encoders send CC 1 - 4 i feel like this would work…?

I checked the MIDI messages on the MIDI-Scope. When I set the OP-1 in the (shift + com) and (CTRL) settings, MIDI messages appear when the encoders are turned. However, when I enter MIDI LFO mode (shift + 4 then MIDI) by turning the encoders, no MIDI CC messages appear. When using the keyboard, only Note-on-off messages are displayed.

I don’t know what the problem is. From what I remember, I used this functionality. Maybe they mixed up something while changing the firmware, for example USB MIDI HOST stopped working with the latest firmware.

Since firmware 243 I occasionally need to reset MIDI drivers (there is an option in Logic’s preference, probably other DAWs as well) to get MIDI to work.

I see. However, in this case, I am not using a DAW. I use USB MIDI HOST and other hardware (Polyend tracker, MPC One and others).

The Midi LFO is not meant for sending CC via the encoders, it only receives CC’s you send it from external sources (and uses them to modulate the assigned parameters).

The CTRL mode will let you send CC via the encoders, but you won’t be able to hear the results since it’s only in CTRL mode. I don’t think you can do both simultaneously.

The Midi LFO seems like it’s more designed for use with a DAW or something that will let you draw or record external, non-OP-1 sources of CC to then route to the OP-1.

I think you are a bit far from the truth.

The attached video from the manufacturer of the OP-1 clearly shows that you can send MIDI CC messages using the encoders in MIDI LFO mode.
Messages are received in Abletone (DAW). “Film” was released 10 years ago and maybe something has changed.
I will check it on Ableton with the latest OP-1 firmware (243 and previous 242). If it works on Ableton, it should work on hardware devices as well.
If it works on Ableton and not hardware devices, then something is wrong.