Controling Korg NTS 1 with OP 1 via midi or PO sync, Is it Possible?

Trying to figure out if it’s possible to control a Korg NTS1 with an OP1 via Midi or failing that, Just regular PO sync. The main stumbling block for Midi is that OP1 transmits Midi via USB and The Korg NTS1 has a TRS midi input. I assume that the Korg will respond to the PO sync out put of the OP1 so that probably has a better chance of working but that’s just a clock sync. Anyway, just wanted to get some advice before spending money on various weird cables that may or may not work.

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if u want midi u need a USB MIDI host device to go from USB to TRS MIDI
(prolly also a DIN to TRS thing too)

if u want clock sync then yes that should work w/ the PO sync
u just need a splitter to split the sync signal from the audio on the OP1

bear in mind that the OP1 sync pulse is rather low and doesn’t always play friendly with others

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Any suggestions on a small cheap midi host that will do this? What I’m seeing is overkill for just this one application. Most of the smallest/cheapest options go from Midi to USB-Midi and not the other way, like this: mio — iConnectivity
btw I’m guessing the OP1 PO sync signal will work with the Korg NTS1 (haven’t tried yet, but I’ll get to it!) because the printed manuals for the PO’S illustrate systems using OP1 PO and Korg Volca, if the Volca responds then I bet the NTS1 will too. We’ll see.