Controller for live performance/composing?

Hi operators !

I’m searching for a midi controller for a live performance use (and producing too). I’m mainly using FL Studio, and a very little bit of Ableton.
I would like to control some effects and loops/tracks, with pads and knobs. Maybe some VSTs too.
I was wondering if the launchpad mini or launchkey mini are sufficient ?
I’ve never tried these kind of stuffs, and I really wanna produce without my mouse and mainly with my hardware and future controller :smiley:

I don’t wanna put more than 150-200€


I’ve been through many many many controllers in my quest for studio/performance perfection.

It’s really a personal thing - what’s good for other people might not be any good for you and the way you work or want to perform.

If you’ve got an iPad then get Touchable app for controlling pretty much everything in Ableton Live.
You can also create your own custom controllers within the app.
Having this would mean you wouldnt have to buy something like a launchpad to launch clips too.

It’s handy to have hands-on knobs and sliders rather than touching a screen.
The original Beatstep might work for you with it’s 16 knobs and 16 pads?

Novations Launch Conrol XL offers a lot of hands on fun.
Check out Novation Zero SL Mk2 too. Pretty big though.

If you’ve a good budget then what about Livid Instruments Code 2 if you like knob-tweaking.
I would LOVE one of these but I think they are a wee bit overpriced. They look damn cool and offer lots of hands-on control and led niceness.

An older controller the Behringer BCR2000 has loads of knobs. I used to have one of these and loved it - it’s only downsides are that it’s bulky, heavy and needs a dedicated power socket. You can pick them up for next to nothing these days.

Maybe the Akai APC’s float your boat?

If you need keys too, I can recommend the M-Audio Code series. I have the 49 key version, but there are 25 and 61 key versions too. The semi-weighted keys are the best I’ve found and the pads are nice too. LEDs are totally customizable with tons of colors to choose from. DAW integration isn’t quite as dummy-proof as similar controllers from Akai and Novation, but it’s super flexible if you put the time in to set everything up.

Thanks for your answers guys :slight_smile:
I haven’t got an iPad, and for sure, I prefer real knobs sliders, pads and keys ^^. Launch Control XL seems pretty nice ! Novation Zero SL Mk2 too, but seems more expensive right ?
Beatstep looks very good, I have to try this in a shop :slight_smile:
Akai APC float my boat sure ! I had a MPC few years ago, and love the construction quality :). They seem to be Ableton oriented only ?

M-Audio Code 25 is very cute ! But already have 2 keys controllers.

APC 40 is awesome but a bit expensive for me. I’m gonna look the APC mini and a launch control, or beatstep.

Rather than just buying something online I’d get along to a shop and get hands on with the controllers.

Think about how you want to use controllers in your setup and talk to the guys in the shop with regards to your needs.

Most shops will actually give you a cooling off time with the purchase so if you dont gel with it after a week you can usually take it back and return it for something else. I know my local shop does this although I’ve never taken advantage of it.