Controller mode- midi cc's and op-1 as a NI Machine controller.

I have a maschine studio which is huge. I’m trying to use my op-1 as a controller for maschine when i’m on the go. I’ve figured out how to trigger the pads via the op-1 keyboard. I’d love to assign knobs and buttons as well. So my question is this.

- Are the knobs and buttons of the op-1 already assigned to cc numbers?
- Can I edit the cc numbers somehow?
- Would Controller Mode (vs op-1 mode) be the right choice for this?
- Anyone know a source for more info on the Controller Mode? I can’t find much info on why someone would use controller mode versus the regular op-1 mode.

Thanks ahead of time

the midi on the op1 is pretty primitive. cc’s for the knobs are 1-4. don’t think u can change it

You can’t change it, but you can change the MIDI channel. If you can assign different MIDI channels to the same instrument on Maschine then you get 16 x 4 = 64 controllers. In controller mode each of the buttons sends a MIDI message, plus the OP1 only sends CC data in controller mode.

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thanks for the responses!

That is correct yes. Why is it surprising?

Yes, for hardware synths with fixed CC mapping I can see how it is frustrating. In this instance I use Midiflow (iPad app) to remap as necessary. You can use all 16 channels this way so 64 CCs at your disposal.