Controlling op1 with midi pedals

Is it possible to control tape transport, loop in/out and track select via midi? I’m thinking it’d be cool to try using Tape as a hands free recording set up when playing guitar or other instruments into the line in. I don’t have a midi pedal, but those Keith wotsits look good otherwise perhaps try an oplab or build a little arduino set of foot switches. Anyone doing similar?

i'm not sure that u can midi up the tape transport. u might be.

but i'm fairly sure that u can't midi the loop in/out or track select.

the Tape responds to Transport commands, which I think are MMC (MIDI Machine Control). If you can get your foot controller to send that, then you can control the OP-1’s Tape transport with it.

My OP-1 Tape currently starts playing when I hit play on my Octatrack, so that much is definitely possible. Can’t control ‘tape tricks’ via MIDI, though, as far as I can tell.

ah ok, that’s a shame. The transport might help me on the way. Maybe we can see some tape midi communication in a new OS update. That might allow to also record tape tricks and stuff to something like Ableton too.