controlling the op1 via a midi usb dexibell

hello, the Dexibell keyboards are able to connect and control external midi devices (or programs) not only via the regular midi cables but also via usb, without the need of any interface in the middle. Or at least this is what I understood. On your opinion are those keyboards (as masters) capable of piloting the op1 (as slave) with only an usb cable connecting them?

i could be wrong but looking at one of their manuals real quick. seems like the USB Host port might be for USB thumb drives only.<div>they only talk about hooking up the regular usb port to a computer for midi.

The USB host port has “data” written under it from what I can see.

That feature would have been a blast. In the next dexibell S-something maybe.
They already got a quadcore processor, bluetooth connectivity and some more other pc-like goodies after all.

but still this part of the owner manual baffles me. looks like the dexibells are actually capable of acting as master. By connecting any usb-midi-keyboard (hence, the OP-1 as well) to the memory port, the same usb slot you would use for plugging in a usb stick.


Based on that pic, it looks like you are able to do that. The spec sheet on the Dexibell site did list USB Host for MIDI as a feature. But as with anything, it would be up to you to confirm with them before buying :slight_smile:

I just picked up my S7 and it works, just plug a random usb cable between the two and you’re ready to go. Very cool indeed.