convince me that buying the OPLAB will make me keep my OP-1 after all

so its quite some time i got my OP-1 with KENTON USB MIDI at that period just for sequencing my Phatty and Evolver (BOTH GONE) ,i really love it BUT it seems that as i have many things CV equipped AND AS I REALLY BELIEVE IN MAGIC OF VOLTAGE my OP1 has not played ball with them interacting i mean apart from its line in OBVIOUSLY. So its 2 months now that i am trying to sell them not for the money but just for keeping the pleasure going (something else ??)so my question is BUYING OPLAB will make this affair last (lust)?

I just like it as a tool to do stuff. it is like a sound control swiss army knife. it is in the works to be more open (some refactoring and designing needs to happen). for example, last night I hooked my OP-1 to a MOOG Werkstatt. Then with @darenager’s labcoat I synced up also my PO-14. the end resolve was a quick tabletop jam.

If you are looking to just drive devices via midi then maybe better choices. if you want to enjoy just messing around with all type of devices OPLab is powerful.

This all said to answer your question, if you don’t see the power and Utility of the OP-1 no accessory will every give you the at feeling.

personally. and this is speaking from not owning an oplab(.useless to you i realize) I love the line in on the op1. it is my most “modular” part of my Kit. I constantly am using it mid chain or as the master recorder for any of my audio experiments or just jamming. It makes so much of the process more organic. sample then go do something else with op1. and master on the couch. I admit that i forcibly made myself stop recording into my desktop. The fidelity may not be that great on the Op1 but its mashability and ease of file transfer make me inject it into everything i do.


masterofstuff124 my lust for messing is huge and my only diplome in synthesis /metamorphosis and god my witness i have to confess that only my dick has not pass through my OP 1 tiny input ,anything else yes

dimi3 ve travelled half Europe last two years and my OP1 was everywhere and everysingle time with me (more than my wife and two kids ) so its power is not a secret to me
its the first time the last 15 years i am trusting(lovin) something digital and sometimes the 4 tracks makes me forget it even which means a lot
but ok say i am not rich enough (to buy this i have to sell something) and as i havent yet tried just read here and on the old forum really mixed oppinions but mostly complaints about this OPLAB and granded that advertising (T.E) means 0 to me please give me your examples that makes it swiss army

I’m still very new to the Op-1 and Oplab, and haven’t had too much chance yet to really put the Oplab through its paces as I’ve had some shows to perform without my modular gear. However, a couple of brief tests yielded excellent results.

My brief tests - playing a Pittsburgh Modular Generator VCO from the Op-1, using the MakeNoise Function to make an envelope from the Gate out. I also have tinkered with some of my noisier minisynth boxes that have CV (Trogotronic 679, ElectroLobotomy MCF). Here’s a brief video of the tumbler in the OP-1 pinging the MCF:

At its base price, $300, it’s a little more expensive than many dedicated Midi-to-CV eurorack modules, but not egregiously so. And the USB part is something few of those other ones have (although I haven’t paid attention to much here recently besides the Pittsburgh Modular Midi3). Plus there are modes like clock master that are interesting.

I haven’t yet tried to use the CV from the modular to modulate things in the Op-1 or on the Midi chain yet, but if that works, then life is awesome. But controlling modular gear from the Op-1 was really easy.

Points in favor of the OpLab: TE has finally started updating it again (see thread about new OS beta), and there was a hardware engineer job posting from them with a picture of the OpLab’s underbelly (or bare circuit board even?).

jshell thanks this is something i realy dig, your example is beatifull simple nightmerish midi cv excursion A MUST

as for the Trogotronic i want it baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
so i need examples like that my fellows
pointing the possibilities , please share
i dont give a dime for tide clock or superior accuracy i wanna see op1 spitting volts through oplab to …