Cool OP-1 birthday cake

Had my birthday last weekend and apparently I had used and praised my new OP-1 enough that my girlfriend had noticed its meaning to me. She surprised me with a cake that looked like this… Totally blew me away!

Great! :smiley:

Precision built.She’s a proper artist with that detail.

That’s fantastic :slight_smile:

Awesome gf! Does it work?

Best cake ever!

You do know it is custom to propose marriage when your lady demonstrates such depth of perception as to get you a hardware cake?
You my friend are a winner!

I think another member’s gf did a op-1 cake too. Also a Monotribe cake.

uh oh… I smell a synth cake thread coming along…

too good. maybe the best synth cake Ive seen yet. Someone tell Matrixsynth!


Beautiful. She’s a keeper. :slight_smile: Happy birthday too.

Thanks! And yeah, I think she might be a keeper as she understands how deep a relationship with a synth can be. :slight_smile:

Wow so great! That’s a great work and display of care and attention.

Finnish girlfriend is best girlfriend!