Copped that 1010 Blackbox

Not sure who’s had their eye on this unbelievable little sampler, but I saw it on YT about 3 weeks ago, and promptly dropped a bundle. This was GAS to the nth degree.

It’s basically super strong in 2 areas that the OP-1 was falling short for me; sample time and sequencing.

Anyway, instead of rendering the OP-1 obsolete, I discovered a whole new use for my trusty OP; mastering tool.

I do my sampling and sequencing on the Blackbox, then audio out the arrangement to an empty track on the OP. Then I pepper in a few boings and clanks into the remaining tracks, and play back while adjusting EQ, filter (Nitro please!) and compressor. Once it sounds great, I render to album, and just apply some tape tricks and M1 / M2 during the process.

What I end up with sounds pretty great to my ear.

Please have a peek.


The Blackbox looks super interesting.

It’s dope to have a studio in a bag the size of big calzone.

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Is there a way to record unquantized beats with the blackbox? In all videos it seems recorded sequences get automatically quantized to the grid. Could’t find anything in the manual…