Copy from drum to synth sampler

Hi, new to the OP1 world! How do I lift a sample from the drum sampler to the synth sampler? I tried the obvious but can’t figure it out! Shift and lift/drop doesn’t work!

Record to tape a sample or collection, less than 6 seconds ,then lift from tape and drop in synth.

Oh and welcome to wonderful OP world :slight_smile:

Little drum sample tip… copy drums from key to key with hold key and lift followed by other key and drop.
This works for Finger sequences in Finger , from Synth to Drum sequencers too.

That’s great thanks. I’m only 2 weeks in so still finding things out!

Hi, I’ve been having a play with this but am wondering if i’m doing something wrong? if I copy from tape to synth sampler the sample is reaaly loud and if i copy it in to the drum sampler its really quiet! why does it not retain the level from the tape?

Lift+drop in the sampler